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What’s all this fuss about consistency, the Saints are one of the most consistent teams out there………….in doing things that don’t help anybody out.

Another little trend theĀ Saints find themselves in these days is being the team with the best win/loss record to participate in JWD’s NFL Sitoffs; some would call it Shitoffs. They manage to muster up a record that is identical to the more fortunate teams who, by virtue of being in a mediocre division, squeeze their way into the postseason. While doing even more disadvantage to other fans by coming SO CLOSE, but yet being so far away, they also do a disservice for me because their record is good enough to mock the idea of potential, but yet not good enough to actually have a good outcome.

It’s kind of like going mindlessly into the playoffs once every 8 years to reserve the feeling of optimism. A period of sixteen years without a conference championship has a lot more mindless optimism with a playoff appearance halfway through to act as a buffer than one straight 16 year period without any trips to the postseason. In other words, quit being difficult, you big faithfully incompetent. Let’s just eliminate the buffer so we can finally get this whole crazy thing over with. Let’s just go 16 straight without playoffs. We may have a record. Either that, or get your sorry asses on the practice field, take a year off, have an intervention, take a 3 week team trip, go on a reality show, whatever it takes to figure out what the hell you’re gonna do to get some stuff done.

Because it is just unnecessary to take the field every single year in August just to walk off every December with your highly unearned money. Football doesn’t last four months for me, but the season in New Orleans is always 4 months and that needs to change.

And don’t lose confidence, ever. Nobody has interest in this site anymore, but I don’t stop. NO. In fact I work harder at it. Have my posts not been more in depth in the last week?

Ha, I just put that partĀ in there for my site.

I don’t care about your confidence, just figure something out. Figure out how to figure out your team in training camp and preseason rather than carrying that process halfway into the regular season. Figure out how to SHOW UP FOR WORK on all Sundays, not just the ones you select from a hat or something. Figure out what league you play in, what division you play in, what games you REALLY need to win, what conference you play in, when the games actually start counting, HELL might as well figure out what network you’re playing on and on what day. That should be really easy next year seeing you’ll be on Sunday at noon every week, and massacre Gary Gibbs and perform surgury on Sean Payton. Help him help you!!!



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