Fox Sports and New Orleans Hornets Strike TV Deal; Fox Sports New Orleans is Born

Posted: October 15, 2012 in Uncategorized
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ImageFor years Fox Sports Net has been providing regional sports coverage to cities and surrounding areas all over the country from professional sports to college and high school athletics. There have been Fox Sports West, Fox Sports Houston, Fox Sports Detroit, Fox Sports Dallas and many others spearheaded by many of the cities non-NFL professional franchises.

Also for years, New Orleans has been without a regional RSN (regional sports network) blocking much of the market from local sports. This, however, has gone largely unnoticed due to the cities exclusive love for football and the wide broadcast and availability of the National Football League. But now the city has the Hornets, who once were a small blip on the Crescent City’s radar, now are as much the reason for sports excitement as are the Saints. 

New Orleans never had a reason to hold an RSN. The city’s only franchise for years played in a league so widely popular, it had deals with major broadcast networks to pick up the entire package on Sundays and once the city got another team, they immediately signed on to the local cable company Cox for subpar broadcasts on Cox Sports Television to avoid paying licensing fees to a third party broadcaster. 

That all changed when CST decided not to renew their licensing agreement with the Hornets for the 2012-2013 season and the Hornets, who needed a wide, nationally renowned broadcaster and a broadcaster in need of a driving force to broadcast in a region both got their wish. Fox Sports Net signed a long term agreement with the franchise to broadcast their games on TV. The Hornets have joined the Fox Sports family, thus providing the network with a platform to create the first ever major RSN in New Orleans: Fox Sports New Orleans.

FS New Orleans will officially launch on Dish, Cox, Directv, and AT&T on October 31st and broadcast the first-ever regional Hornets game across the entire Louisiana and Gulf Coast region.


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