Money Saints Biggest Nemesis, Drew Brees Contract Talks Ridiculous

Posted: May 18, 2012 in Saints
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ImageYes, money is causing the Saints all kinds of havoc in this trying off-season, and it has nothing to do with Drew Brees’s stalled contract talks. It has everything to do with what the Saints have had to unnecessarily go through this off-season that has made it one of ups and downs, but mostly downs.

Ever since the NFL dictator and lawyer Roger Goodell has had to deal with developing lawsuits of former players of the NFL for concussions and head-related injuries said to have caused life-long damage to them, among other cases related to serious injuries, he has been prompted to go on a continuous tirade aimed at protecting himself and the league by providing whatever justification he can to come to his defense should any future lawsuits develop in this matter.

That justification comes in the form of picking a goat he sees as the biggest threat to player safety in the league; that being the New Orleans Saints; and coming down like the Black Plague on them. Because the New Orleans Saints enacted a Pay-for- PERFORMANCE program and because it came to light through a seemingly credible source and got the most attention by the media, it only seemed like the most logical thing to do for Goodell to lay the hammer down on the Saints. That being said, I don’t believe that was necessarily the smartest thing to do for a cameraman to come out and squeal on the Saints for their program just because he “felt like it needed to be said”. What was he thinking, really? I suppose this is why all these guys do is hold a camera for a living. They don’t make smart decisions. Anyway, there are a lot of things damaged and tarnished by this ordeal and it is a shame especially because there is still a possibility that the Saints didn’t really do anything. If the players were payed, it was in small immeasurable amounts relative to what they already make anyway and it could have very well been for big game-changing plays rather than knockouts. Gregg Williams’s words could have been merely aggressive talk and something leaked at the wrong time. Everything released by the media and the time of its release would suggest the Saints were engaging a serious activity, but still to this day we lack the very piece of information that would say for sure what the Saints were doing: ACTUAL EVIDENCE. Actual evidence would include: Game tape, video tape of actual exchange of money, audio and/or video of a player, coach or any staff member verbally mentioning the intention to pay out a sum of money for an injury, not someone rubbing his fingers together. All we have is spoken word. Everywhere you turn in this case, it is spoken word and everyone is so sure this is true when they have no grounds for it. All because the NFL is afraid of former players attacks based on player safety. If the NFL is so afraid, maybe they should stop denying all of their claims. Instead they choose to hurt the bastard child of the league and do it without providing anything, including the stacks of game tape everyone knows they have packed with legal hits that just a few short months were honored on an NFL big hits segment!! If all the hits were truly illegal, and the two hits that actually were weren’t called with penalties, I’m sure the NFL would have been more than happy to provide the evidence……….; BUT IT’S NOT THERE. I’ve truly never seen a situation until now, at least in Sports, where you have everyone, including a former U.S. attorney say the evidence is clear, but they don’t provide it. It’s truly ridiculous and it has practically invited others who simply don’t like the Saints anymore to pull stories out of there butt, such as , say, wiretapping. It has spiraled downhill fast for the Saints, yes, but all unnecessary causes.

ImageOn to the Drew Brees situation, which I will not be so much on the Saints side for. Simply because I don’t really care who they have have to get rid of to have the money, they simply must come up with and have the money. Without Drew, those other guys you see the Saints falling all over themselves to sign don’t mean a thing. I’ve said before those guys are replaceable. Colston, replaceable; he gets thrown open. In fact it would have been a better decision to keep Carl Nicks over Marques Colston. Thats neither here nor there at this point. The Saints need to focus on not making an epic mistake with this deal. If this thing lingers on into minicamp or God forbid even training camp, and Drew doesn’t get signed, it will be the biggest signing failure in New Orleans Saints history, and that is saying something because the Saints have a big history of poor decisions. Drew isn’t the best quarterback in the NFL, but he is by far the best player on this team and the best quarterback the New Orleans Saints ever had as well as the best chance to win a game that they ever had. By the way, I would kinda like to see Drew break Johnny Unitas’s “Record that will never be broken” with the Black and Gold. That would actually be kind of nice. So Mickey Loomis, you better get it done, period. To say this is the Saints fault, is to say this is Mickey Loomis’s fault because he is the GM and what was once an after-though for me is becoming a serious concern. When I have serious concerns, that means they are severe.


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