New CBA In Place Until 2020

Posted: July 28, 2011 in Saints
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Actually it’s in place until 2013, and it’s my new CBA aggreement with my webmaster who puts random capital one advertisments at the bottom of my page. I’m not however going to put that in the title area as to gard against being labeled as a no-nothing fag.

As per the new long awaited aggreement, I can rant on about the Saints, that’s right you nincompoopish nuckleheaded dumpsterfires, I’m back!!!!

Yesterday, the Saints reached an aggreement with one of their top, sure handed receivers, Lance Moore “Yardage”. The explosive receiver inked a 5-year deal on Wednesday and like most transactions made in the CIA-like operations that Benson runs, financial terms were not disclosed. According to the Pensacola news journal and WTOK out of Meridian, Mississippi, Brees “got his wish” with the receiver resigning to the Saints. Hmmm….. interesting; this is probably why the Saints made such an effort to get Moore back first. Brees has always been well respected in these parts, probably too respected, as has been WELL documented by me in the past. With this signing the Saints receiving corps should remain intact for the much anticipated 2011-2012 season.

As of now, no other information regarding the Saints except for oh, this little interesting piece of breaking news: Today, FOXSports’s Jay Glazer reports that the Saints have traded running back Reggie Bush to the Miami Dolphins. Bush signed a 2-yr deal worth $10 million to take his talents to South Beach. Why the Dolphins are paying him $10 million is beyond me, cause I don’t think any amount of wildcat offense will be enough to take the ants out of Reggie Bush’s pants and get him running straight.

I’ll keep you updated on as many Saints transactions as I can, and I’ll put up a page on the training camp schedule.

Piece suckas


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