The 2010 Saints Element

Posted: December 15, 2010 in Saints
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As the 2010 football season winds to a close, topics to talk about regarding the New Orleans Saints build up like a bag attached to a vacuum cleaner left running for four months. I’ve been real busy, so Merry Christmas!! Here’s a new post.

Many things could be said about the Saints second journey to a World title. They’re inconsistent, they need to work on a lot of things, particularily on the offensive side of the ball, Drew Brees needs to stop throwing interceptions, we need to cut the crap about giving up leads late in games, and of course the old “we need to run the ball better. All of which, prior to last year, were all too common criticisms in the Who Dat nation. Perhaps the only thing that can’t be said about this year’s Saints is that we’re fighting to get to .500.

We’re 10-3; somewhere that figured inconceivable for the Saints coming off of a playoff year. It got me wondering, how is this possible? Offensively, the Saints are not only underachieving in comparison to last year, but maybe also in comparison to prior years; years where we have lost 8+ games. What can we pinpoint?

Let me put it this way. The Saints have had something the last two years that they never had in the previous 43 years of their history, and what they’ve had over those past two years was different. Last year was about cohesiveness, flow, all the pieces working at 100% efficiency. At least that’s how I see it when you don’t even lose a single game for 14 weeks. It was very, mm, I hesitate to say special, (you know how I feel about words like that), but let’s just say we had a damn good football team.

This year we have something else that this previously snakebitten franchise has lacked for more than four decades, and it has propelled us through a season that was once again marred like so many others by inexplicable errors and untimely injuries: good fortune.

When have you ever known the New Orleans Saints to have this? I mean REALLY? Could it be the breaking of the curse after all. Could the World Champions banner actually have warded off all the bad spirits that have plagued the Superdome atmosphere for so long? Maybe. All I know is: A Roy Williams forced fumble to save us from the Cowboys would not have happened before, a Heath Miller fumble after a long pass completion to keep Pittsburg from going up by 4 and possibly gaining too much momentum to overcome would not have happened, Pat Simms jumping offsides on a “no brainer freeze” play to save the Saints against the Bengals would not have happened, whatever happened in that 49ers game way back in the day, something weird happened in that game; somebody with a memory back me up;……….yeah that, that wouldn’t have happened before. It seems as though the Saints are finally getting all the breaks they missed out on most, and I mean MOST of their baffling franchise history.

Having said all that, at the end of the day, you create your own luck. So seeing that most of what has benefitted the Saints to this point in 2010 has come from the defensive side of the ball, credit goes to them and their leadership. Basically this big, long editorial was an immense scenic route to confiming what most people already knew: Greg Williams is the man!!!! The attitude he instilled in his defense and philosophy of getting turnovers has saved the Saints. Heck it hasn’t saved the Saints, it’s kept them in the NFC’s top two (nevermind the fact that Atlanta is holding us down to number 5 right now) The fact that the offense hasn’t produced nearly up to where they did a year ago doesn’t even matter to this point. This team is still better, judging on the rise in competition they face, than they were last year and has the potential to be much better down the final stretch of this season.

Classic example of why they say DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS.


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