Saints Show They Can Play Old School, Grind It Out Football

Posted: September 16, 2010 in Saints
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Well it’s been a long time since we’ve seen the Saints play a game like this, yes even play it, much less win one like this. In a night when the offense could move the ball seemingly at will on the Vikings pitiful, depleted secondary, but found it very impossible, yes I said “very impossible” to finish with points, the penitentiary warden led defense stood up to their monumental challenge of stopping the Minnesota Vikings offense and held them to 9 points. Hell if we can miss two field goals, drop 75 Andrew Christopher Brees passes, and throw swing passes on 3 or 4 third and longs just for the heck of it and still beat the Minnesota Vikings at a time they want revenge, WHAT CAN’T WE DO?????

I must say even though we already won a Super Bowl, let’s pretend like we didn’t, so we can savor the pounding this team has the potential to put on people this year. If you stay high on last year, you may not get the chance to appreciate it as much. What if we go 16-0, or a very impressive 12-4, which by that I mean yeah we lost 4 games but we won 12 with a margin of victory of like 27. And then what if we make the Super Bowl without one of those BS ref assissted Minnesota in the 2009 NFC Championship game like games and we win it 35-7. Don’t you wanna enjoy that?

Alright I’m getting ahead of myself, but I’m just saying that something felt a little different in the air Thurday night…..regarding how the team played. They just didn’t give it up. There was an attitude present that wasn’t there before and it was so strong that I could feel it all the way from my lame ass seat in Loser (Section) 624. They weren’t gonna hands the game to the Vikings, no matter how much they themselves left the door open. That’s big, man. That’s football the right way.

Now I’m putting complete faith in the fact that that was the difference I felt in the air and not the fact that I was sitting with people who couldn’t even stand the f up on defense or even yell for that matter making me have to croutch over halfway so some of the lames behind me could see what was going on, or the fact that I decided to make an investment on an 8″ Superdome Rozolo’s pizza for the first time. I trust it was the team.

Having said that, GO SAINTS!!!!!  Take care of the Niners Monday Night.

PS: Gregg Williams is tagged in this post as the penitentiary wardon


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