A New World

Posted: September 9, 2010 in Saints
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As the time closes in on the arrival of the 2009 World Champion banner and a the very first NFL season for the Saints as defending world champions, I can only think of three things: The magical majesticness of the Saints as champions and getting to come out of the Superdome every Sunday feeling like I’m walking into a rock concert, the weirdness of a brand new world surrounding me (personal) and the team and city, and……………what am I gonna eat next. Man its 3am and must be starvin now*. I still have to finish HW that I don’t know how the hell to do.

Anyways, after a boring ho hum preseason, Im certainly ready to get back in the swing and enjoy my nice railing engulfed field view of the superdome field from my seat in the upper box section 624. I can’t wait to possibly, maybe, probably not see Dave Matthews in Jackson square and the parade scheduled by the NFL through the city; and finally the 4th or 5th or 65th or forget it retirement party of Brett Farve. A lot of people are banking on this grandpa goin down in flames after week 1. I have to say, after that preseason performance, he isn’t exactly scorching on fire heading into this one. Here’s hoping he’ll be dumpster fire tomorrow……..today.

On the injury front: Jon Vilma is probable, Chris Ivory is out. Those are the names I retained., go look the rest up.

I’m gonna maybe be up all night but will still make sure to be there in full force: Chef, I will be rockin it for you and I promise to turn section 624 upside down. You’ll notice it from your seat exactly opposite of us.

It’s been shown every which way it can be shown, said everyway it can be said, every possible emotion has come out. America’s game tonight was the capper on that. Now it’s time to DEFEND!!

*- reference to Matchbox 20


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