Saints Break Out the Wallet, Sign Pro Bowl Guard Jahri Evans to a 7-Year $56.7 million deal

Posted: May 6, 2010 in Saints
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Well as it turns out, the New Orleans Saints did have money in the bank all along. With the ongoing struggle to sign Darren Sharper, who was already an aging vet running out of gas after week 10 of the season last year, one had to wonder if the Saints were once again running out of money. When Darren Sharper finally signed, turning down a “significantly” higher paying contract from the Jacksonville Jaguars, he was paid a measly $1.5 million. Instead of being a money squeeze by the New Orleans Saints, it actually turned out to be a great deal that enabled the Super Bowl champions to resign one of the best offensive lineman in the National Football League. Jahri Evans signed a deal on Wednesday that nearly equals last nights Powerball prize: A 7-year deal worth $56.7 million. Having Jahri back is absolutely key for the Saints as the Saints offensive line was the best in the NFL last year (current and inaugural holders of the rotating Madden Protectors Award) and keeping them together is vital. Teams will be coming after Drew like a fresh piece of Prime Rib after they’ve been stuck in jail eating stale bread and water for a year. Jahri Evans is probably the best guard on the best O-Line, and he’s getting paid like it. His new contract is the most money ever made by an interior lineman in NFL history. The All Pro will be entering his 6th season in the NFL as he tries to defend his team’s 2009 World Championship.


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