I will be the first to admit I was completely naive to think that 2 or 3 free agent were coming in here. Now that the bulk of signings have concluded and the middle teir players are going around town getting deals finalized, I see the Saints can’t seem to keep what they got. While they sit back and think about their Super Bowl victory and pray that Sharper loves the Saints enough to decide to come back, Mike Bell is negotiating a deal with the Philadelphia Eagles and Sharper is considering the Jets. I would be okay with the above situation had the Saints manned up on L.T. but given that deal was nonexistant, there’s no way Mike Bell could go to the Eagles if the Saints backfield is to be as productive. Meanwhile, Sharper expressed interest in playing for the New York Jets and New Orleans own Times Picayune is repoting on how he would be a good fit there. Okay TP, who do you propose would be a good fit here?? There are no strong safeties on our roster.

Another spot of consideration is linebacker and defensive end, none of which were filled in the bulk of free agency. The Saints declined to comment on whether they would sign someone at those positions or save those picks for the 2010 Free Agency Waste Time (FAWT).

So here is a list of all the transactions that have taken place so far:

Players Released by the Saints:

Charles Grant  (payed $60,000,000) released- CHA-CHING- RIGHT????????????

Scott Fujita released and signed with the Browns- eligable to sign a free agent

Mark Simoneau- released, and another LB position to be filled

Mark Brunell- backup quarterback

Players available that have garnered at least an ounce of consideration:

Ladainian Tomlinson, Jake Delhomme, Darren Sharper, Mike Bell?? (Don’t know if the Saints were really interested), Leonard Little, James Hall (who the Saints were reportly close to getting something done with, questionable)

Players resigned to the Saints:

Greg Fassit, Tyler Lorenzen, Jeremy Parnell, Matt Simon, Zak Keasey, Nick Leckey, Leigh Torrence, Jason Kyle


The Saints released Charles Grant and the good decisions have then ceased. With a $60,000,000.00 man gone, the Saints could not have done so much as to fill Scott Fujita’s place (Bobby McCray is adequate at defensive end) or offer L.T. anything from knowing that Mike Bell may have been on his way out the door even before anomosity grew during the Super Bowl because he wouldn’t do what Sean Payton wanted him to do. Nor did they sign Delhomme after getting rid of Mark Brunell which: put them under the required number of quarterbacks for one, and left the team stuck with Chase Daniel should Drew Brees get hurt, which is a possibility with the Madden cover looming and an angered Minnesota defensive front coming up who saw Brett Favre take a somewhat of an unnecessary beating in the championship game. (Ray Edwards already said he’s coming after Brees with cheap shots this year. You think Minnesota cares about flags???????????or ejections for that matter. That NFC title game was the most important thing in the world for them. At this point, they couldn’t care less.)

When commenting on the LB position, Mickey Loomis started going through his list of backups as possible candidates to take the started LB jobs. So take a look at your run defense over the second half of the 2009 season and say hello.

Also, at least until something happens this offseason, say hello to your seconday performance that you saw in the latter weeks as well and bye bye to the takeaway ratio which was the single most important aspect of the Saints defensive success in 2009 as they were ranked no higher in ’09 than ’08 in every other statistical category.

I’d love to get to Reggie Bush, but I may have to write a whole new post on that squirm. Obviously, he should have been released and the whole Mike Bell situation should have been avoided. But not so. Yes, Bell’s production curved sharply toward the end of the season, but you know whoever gets him will gladly and successfully run him down our throats. He is a guy I see getting better and someone very valuable to us now that L.T’s a non-factor. Meanwhile, Reggie shows signs of understanding how to cut a little better, but he will always break your back in a big game situation like the NFC Championship game. Yeah he’s fast, yeah he cuts a little more, yeah he catches punts better, but it only takes one, just one, to erase it all and Bush is sure not to miss a beat.

Anyways, I may catch some of the 2010 FAWT in primetime this April and see who the Saints plan to throw in the ring of fire at National Football League linebacker or defensive tackle and I as I watch him on the field wonder what he’ll be in 5 or so years or hope that the Saints stumble on a free agent this offseason to at least help them on defense.

  1. Sports98 says:

    Reggie shows signs of understanding how to cut a little better, but he will always break your back in a big game situation like the NFC Championship game.NFL New Orleans Saints Jerseys there’s no way Mike Bell could go to the Eagles if the Saints backfield is to be as productive

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