Free Agency Hot This Offseason, Saints……..ANYONE??????

Posted: February 23, 2010 in Saints
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However, as usual, the Saints are “unlikely” to sign any big name players from the list.

Julius Peppers and Ladainian Tomlinson headline the players released from their old teams. is reporting that the Bears are now pursuing Julius Peppers, meanwhile the Saints who currently pay Charles Grant $60,000,000 have neglected to make a move.

The Saints have a running back by the name of Reggie Bush would has his rather large share of on and off moments and proving he still doesn’t quite have the speed of the NFL down.

L.T., who was with the Chargers for nine seasons and faded away after one year of stardom, according to a Charger source of mine, hasn’t produced as of late due to the lacking performance of his offensive line. Last time I checked, we had beasts out of their own mines on the offensive line. So L.T. would be a good fit. You think it’s a no-brainer. Take out Grant and give a $60,000,000 to Peppers and maybe replace a back with L.T., who for all you lovy dovies that only focus on the relationship aspect of football if there is one, was a teammate of Drew in San Diego for a few years.

Naw, the Saints are saving their dough for the 2010 Free Agency Waste Time and the only thing can focus on right now is the NFL Combine.

I don’t know……I don’t know what the Saints plan on doing with the $60,000,000 mole on the defense, but I will be significantly less than happy if I see him back considering he gets payed with the amount of money even one of the best DL’s in this league would accept. Sean Payton, put away your map of Dallas until your general manager signs a stout DL. You already have talked about going back to the Super Bowl, but it is an impossible journey with this same exact team. Anyway, we need to shut those Minnesota freaks up for good. How do think we’re gonna be able to do that?

  1. Milkman says:

    Here’s a news flash. THE SAINTS W

  2. Milkman says:

    WON THE SUPERBOWL. Mainly on the strength of their handling of the draft and off season acquisitions over the last few years. So before you start complaining, how about you wait and see what the do. LT? Really. RB’s are like milk. He’s not expired but he’s not what he used to be. Which is why he’s not such a hot commodity right now. AND WE DON’T NEED ANOTHER RUNNING BACK. And we don’t really need another DE (Grant will be cut probably bc of lack of performance and big salary). We need a tackle. When Ellis was out injured the defense gave up tons of yardage on the ground. How about for now you enjoy what we as Saints fans have NEVER had instead of whining about how our team isn’t making the right moves in the off season. You suck as a fan.

    • Jake says:

      I have enjoyed it, if you don’t like it, you don’t have to read it, and you don’t have to wait until I post something you disagree with to criticize me.

      • Jake says:

        We don’t need another running back now, but we will if they do with Reggie Bush what they need to do with Reggie Bush.

  3. Jake says:

    My goal is not to start another New Orleans Community forum. I want this to be a real sports place….. with my perspective.

    • Milkman says:

      Yeah I get that. I just think your perspective is short sighted and one of looking for something to complain about. My perspective is that we should focus on signing the core of our team now available in free agency before we worry about picking up two older players with questionable returns like Tomlinson and Peppers.

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