“It’s Like When You Wake Up in the Morning and You Go Out and Cut the Lawn, You a Little Musty, You Know Right There In the Middle, Little Grimy, Little Musty, Little Grimy, You Know We Wanna Be That”

Posted: February 3, 2010 in Saints, Saints Super Bowl XLIV
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That would be Darren Sharper addressing the media on Media Day about whiny accusations about a Southern blue-collar team in the Super Bowl put, by the NFL, like this. The Saints play dirty.

Is it just me, or did the media suddenly change their tune about football. I thought our local fans were best about complaining and making excuses and the national media was hardcore. I would always hear stuff like “it’s football, if you can’t take it, get out” or the NFL is making too many rules to help offenses these days”. Now the roles seem to be reversed and the national guys are acting like pansies. Well, I’ve always been steadfast about my beliefs and I believe that you do whatever it takes to win the game. I’ve been known to tear the Saints up many times for not doing that. Now, I personally love the players playing dirty and love the fact that we have a label and controversy bruing, it’s good. I’m all for tearing up the quarterback and I don’t care about these personal foul penalties, bring’em on. The Saints are doing everything right. They’re making up for their deficiencies by playing aggressive, that’s all they’re doing; they’re musty, but if the media cares to call us dirty, I’ll take it. If the Vikings call us dirty, I’ll take that. Tell me more about how the offseason tastes.

So do we play dirty, HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!

What do you think???


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