The Tail of the Number 6

Posted: December 22, 2009 in Other Sports News
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It hasn’t been a good one at all for kickers against the New Orleans Saints. Two weeks ago the Saints found themselves playing in one of their several sloppy games which would have seen them lose, but who else but the kind Shaun Suisham steps up and shanks a 20 something yard chip shot field goal. That was divine intervention at its best swooping down to save the Saints. Well it was really just the first sighting of what bad NFL kickers do when the pressure is just a little bit up. The Saints have had the distinct plessure of playing two teams this year with kickers notable for costing their respective teams the game and both successful accomplished their tasks vs. the Saints. Now both Suisham and Folk are out of their old jobs. I say old because Shaun Suisham has a new job, with the Dallas Cowboys. This certainly left me scatching my head. If you’re gonna cut Nick Folk for not coming through when it counts, why are you signing Shaun Suisham? That’s like trading away Rex Grossman and acquiring Aaron Brooks………..somewhat. There must not be an availability of kickers in this league if Jerry Jones can’t make an upgrade.

The only thing that would make this better is if the Redskins end up acquiring Nick Folk. Let the game costing begin!!!……or resume. And if the Cowboys have to play the Saints again in the postseason (Dallas is the #6 seed right now, hello) they will regret that decision. Sean Payton must have heard about this signing because when asked about the possibility of meeting the Cowboys in the playoffs again, he said “No, we’re not losing that game twice”.

Now I thought the Cowboys were doomed the minute they secured that victory Saturday night. Yeah, they would have the false sense of security and get to feeling like they were great, but the win also keeps Wade Phillips around which pretty much guarantees that their not going anywhere for a long time. Now, they have even less of a shot with a field goal kicker that can’t kick. We might as well just mark them off the list right now. Turn out the lights, the party’s over.

  1. Milkman says:

    I doubt seriously that even Jerry Jones would fire his coach when still in the play off hunt. After the season, sure. Right now? Highly unlikely.

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