Dallas Ends Saints Run At Perfection

Posted: December 21, 2009 in Saints
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What a picturesque image. Drew Brees looks just like his perfect record here… dead.

Losing to your most hated team, maybe even more than the Falcons and the one you would give anything not to have that first loss to. It’s what makes sports so interesting and is bound to happen again and again, which is why no energy need be wasted on this petty situation. Sure you can be shocked on Saturday and destroy everything in your path like a raging bull on Sunday when the reality sets in, but it’s Monday. Time to pick up the pieces and develop a case of Alzheimer’s disease. We’re not going 16-0. We still have a chance at wrapping up everything there is to wrap up and that would give us the easiest track to the Superbowl.

Plus Carolina just blew out Minnesota which means we only have to beat Tampa Bay to clinch. Wouldn’t it be nice to go and play the team that proved good enough to beat Minnesota with nothing to play for. If they play like that when they get up for a game, image what they would do to us. Next week is really a must win.

The only legitimate thing to worry about is the teams play in December. Everyone talks about the Cowboys woes in December, but people don’t realize that the Saints have been having their own December woes every year. They just seem to wear out after 12 games, like their battery runs out. We’d be perfect for a 12 game season.

I know they have injuries but some of the first string unit is playing down right now. This team really needs a meaningless game and they can make one next week if they win. That would give everyone two weeks to get full blown rest and they will sure be ready to go and lay some wood on somebody on January 16th or 17th, whatever day they play.

In the meantime, Who Dat say they gonna beat dem Panthers??!!

and I won’t tag the Cowboys in this post.


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