Division Wrapped Up, Next Stop: First Round Bye; Thank You Shaun Suisham

Posted: December 10, 2009 in Saints
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With the Vikings only having one loss, the Saints trying to wrap up homefield advantage for the first time in franchise history, and the fact that they have been down for 42 years, and the fact that we have not lost a game yet and it is the month of December, the Redskins , at 3-8, were put in the holiday spirit as Shaun Suisham channeled his inner John Carney and missed a lethal 23 yard chip shot to in all likelyhood seal their victory over the Saints on Sunday. Drew Brees would then channel his inner Peyton Manning, and lead the Saints back, perhaps one drive later than Peyton Manning might have done, but it’s still a win.

The missed field goal would eventually lead to Suisham getting cut from the Redskins as this was not the first time Suisham lended a helping hand (thanks for having one left in the tank for us :).

Just before the field goal was attempted, I turned off the TV and prayed for the arrival of divine intervention. I knew he wasn’t going to miss a 23 yarder, please. It’s over. I couldn’t help thinking that a miss would not have been uncaracteristic of this season, but please. I turn it on about a minute later and I’m wondering what the Redskins are still doing with 30 points and what Drew Brees is doing on the field. I’m thinking those idiots at Fox are having technical problems again, but seriously. It’s 2nd down. They would have it right by now for sure. Turns out it was. Man this is crazy. —–Although we should have won that game more handlely.

The Saints have won their second game this season on the road when trailing by 10 or more points entering the 4th quarter. Big whoop right? Am I splitting hairs? Well check this out. Before this year, when the Saints were on the road and trailing by 7+ points entering the 4th quarter…………………………………………………………………………………………..

they were 0-106, how’s that for a streak-breaker.

If the Saints can manage another victory in another week where P Diddy is a clown refuses to budge on the Jabari Greer situation while holding out 75 players due to bruises, they will have a franchise record 13 wins. The good news is Matt Ryan should be out, and if he plays, he’ll certainly be less than 100% because he has a turf toe; oh and Michael Turner has an ankle injury……….WHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAATTTTTT???!!!???!!! (he drops the microphone).

  1. Chef Who Dat says:

    Nice research. Where did you find that statistic?

    • Jake says:

      A Monday Night game against the Falcons in 2005 (when Monday Night was the premier night over Sunday night) with Al Michaels and John Madden is when they showed that stat, never forgot it.

  2. That is a heck of a good memory my man. It’s a great stat to remember. What other such stats are you holding back? I guess we’ll see as the season develops. It’s all good though to be in this position. A win today would be fantastic. Just praying for no more injuries.

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