Saints Roll Bucs to Set Up Possibly the Matchup of the Year

Posted: November 24, 2009 in Saints
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So the Saints are 10-0 after blowing up the Bucs and normally I would have a picture of the previous week’s matchup, but it’s only the game of the year next week and as if that wasn’t enough, we just got done playing a massive creampuff undeserving anyway.

About three weeks ago, I was thinking to myself that if the Saints could push it to 10-0 going into Monday Night’s fest, I wouldn’t give an ounce of s**t about this game. First of all, I cannot wrap my brain around actually winning EVERY SINGLE GAME and if we were to lose one game this year, it would be to the Patriots, who I really don’t have much hatred for to begin with. Secondly, the Patriots are an AFC opponent and by God if Minnesota is going to let us lose one game this year, it is going to be this one; it leaves our conference record unblemished.

Now as we sit in reality at 10-0 and the game is approaching, I find myself scared to venture into the unknown, go down, scared out of my mind, like going down would feel like the end of the season. The scariest things are those you aren’t aware of.

Now you see I’ve also developed a strong close and loving relationship with Bob the Goose-egg, 10-0, hello Bob. Bob has been here for 11 weeks and it would be awfully sad to see him go. —-Man, I hate this caring every week. You just can’t not care. Plus everyone in the country will be watching, the hype will be at maximum level and I’ll be hoping the Saints can live up to it. Man I wanna beat the Patroits.

Having said this, I think we can actually beat the Patriots. With the help of the return of Sedrick Ellis, the perfect game by the urgency-sensing Saints, and the inexplicable mistakes that plague any opponent from the Colts to the Browns in the Superdome during a season where everything goes our way, (I’m counting on a few happening) we can sweak by.

All I know now is that we are 10-6 and we have a six game season coming up, so no matter who we play we gotta bring our lunch, yo, cause nobody’s cookin’

PS: I can’t help it but: “Hey Drew, have you seen my three chamionship rings, because I seem to have misplaced my three Championship Rings.” –Tom Brady   Anyone who saw the Kobe/LeBron puppet commercial knows where I got it.



  1. Chef Who Dat says:

    Uh, Jake. I’m cooking.

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