From Idiot 1 to Idiot 2

Posted: November 12, 2009 in Hornets
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And this is how I’ll start my posts on the New Orleans Hornets (a little late, I know). At the start of a season where throwing around the word “mistake” would be part of a huge understatement and the Hornets have started an abysmal 3-6, Hornets owner George Shinn has decided to let Byron Scott go after 4 seasons with the Hornets.

Now I don’t have a ton of insight on who’s really responsible for the debacle that has happened this year, but I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the fact that Jeff Bower, now the head coach, let Brandon Bass go by and J.R. Smith go by in free agency and decided to stick with his last place bench and also traded away knock down shooter Rasuel Butler for a pick in a future draft while keeping Hilton Armstrong at center who can barely hold on to the ball and Peja whose so old now he’s lucky to get the ball to the basket. And he’s now the HEAD COACH, Lord have mercy. I think we just made yet another down grade.

Passing up a chance to bolster our roster with top notch free agents was the biggest mistake this year by the Hornets and heaven help us if they were listening to John DeShazier, the most idiotic sports columnist anywhere in the country, who said the Hornets must stand pat and wait for the draft. Yeah, I would stand pat when my bench ranked last in the league and put on a display so embarrassing you had to make sure you were watching the NBA. This is the same blowhard who said Paul should rest over the ALL-Star break last year because he wasn’t 100%. He should have past up the honor of his FIRST EVER start in the ALL-Star game with the likes of Kobe, LeBron, D Wade, and Yao. Well Paul didn’t pass it up because it meant a great deal to him. Is this guy well?? Maybe he should stick to inferior football coverage and refrain from making it worse with putrid NBA coverage. The guy does not know anything about basketball even though he thinks he does. He needs to shut his mouth about the NBA.

Now back to the subject. We have come full circle after all this dust has settled to the guy originally responsible for this atrocity, GM Jeff Bower. The guy who ran talent away and kept the guys who you would think only ever came to throwing the ball around with friends in the ghetto at some broken down rusted up goal post; that is until they got the call from Jeff Bower. The only thing to do now is feel sorry for Chris Paul who continues to be sick-nasty ridiculous on the court and gets nothing back for it and hope WAY against hope for the best……….in the distant future.

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