Saints, After Starting Slow, Give Carolina the Dose

Posted: November 11, 2009 in Saints
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The Black and Gold decided to keep things running the same way this week and therefore spotted Carolina 17 first half points. Of course nobody seemed to particularly enjoy it but the Saints would march in to the locker room and get a good dose of the P Diddy cure and come out with a usual days worth 27 points in the second while allowing Carolina to score only 3.

Said Darren Sharper, “We can’t be doin this every week, you know, gettin down, then havin to come all the way back. The fans blood pressure will be high, my blood pressure will be high” (verbal approximation). The whole team agrees that they need to get better. You kind of get the feeling that the Saints played at a pre-2009 level the last three weeks and just had the ball bounce the right way when they needed it to. This is why they have to get better.

The Panthers, behind the strength of their powerhouse back DeAngelo Williams were able to run up and down all over the Saints in the first half while experiencing some success in the passing game en route to a 17-3 halftime lead. As they did in Miami, however, the Saints were eventually able to figure out Williams’s game and shut him down forcing Carolina to throw the ball more often, something that they haven’t done well at all this season. And they didn’t do it well Sunday either.

This is a key aspect about Gregg Williams to keep your eye on: his ability to adjust to peoples’ games. He successfully adjusted to the wildcat, forcing Miami into a conventional offense and forced Carolina away from running the ball and made both teams use their inferior quarterbacks who were the reasons for their unique game plans in the first place.

Now come the Rams and with a BUNCH of key people knicked up, this is certainly not the time to be thinking about what you’re gonna do at home or bring to the Dome to do work against the Patriots on Monday Night Football when you’re 10-0 and practically Inside the playoffs, Playoffs?? This is time to do work against the 1-7 St. Louis Rams. Lets do work!!

Did I say the Saints need to get better? Well I didn’t think so about a week ago because as long as the Saints are winning, they’re as good as can be in my book, but I have let the radio engulf me with such knowledge and I now believe it. Sure you don’t want the Saints to win every game as that would all but guarantee that they wouldn’t win the Super Bowl. There are many past examples to tell you that, but they certainly have to play better if we expect them to win the games we all know we REALLY want them to win, yes that would include a regular season game with New England, that would be SWWWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET. Besides, we may have to run the table, or come pretty darn close to even think about the Super Bowl because going on the road in the playoffs is something I most certainly do not want to do experience, especially if it’s snowing wherever we go. Let’s bring it inside. How do we bring it inside; we beat out the Vikings. How do we beat out the Vikings; we pretty much run the table because they have creampuffs on the schedule ALL THE WAY DOWN!!!! On that uplifting note, WHO DAT!!!


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