Saints Rally In Second Half to Stay Unbeaten

Posted: October 28, 2009 in Saints
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It took a lot for the Saints to avoid the doldrums of the week after winning your biggest game of the year, the letdown, and perhaps to overcome the devastating effect of me not being able to keep up with the news by failing to report on the previous week’s game. My bad; I’ll try to keep up this time.

Now this is what really separates 6-0 from 5-1, a team down 21, facing adversity and showing people that they know HOW to win; not how to ride a wave, like they did in 2006 or so many other years before. The first and fourth years of the Saints under Sean Payton and Drew Brees as their quarterback are perfect examples of contrast; 5-1 shows you can ride a wave; 6-0 says you know how to win. Back in 2006, the Saints obviously didn’t know how to beat the Carolina Panthers on October 1st, 2006 which is why they were 5-1 after six games.

Who knew that the game against the Miami Dolphins would have a bigger statement to be made for the Saints than the New York Giants. They were virtually the best team in the league and ended up being just another one of those easy, pushover, preliminary games just before the sudden smackdown of the buzz saw. What else is new in the NFL? Anyway, the Saints did make a huge statement in Miami and appropriately and ironically made in the stadium of Super Bowl XLIV. They will at last be able to head into Monday Night Football in front of their own fans against the Atlanta Falcons undefeated at 6-0. Now can the Saints avoid the letdown after avoiding the letdown? Should be easier and certainly more comforting knowing that it is an opponent we know really well and the game is in front of 70,000 rabid squirrels rooting for you. Oh, and they had to play a game last week.


  1. This game almost gave me a heart attack. The way the guys came back from this was just outstanding. Brees’ leadership was inspiring. I love the way he talked Payton into letting him go for the QB sneak. To then marshall the O through the second half in the way he did was incredible to watch and as I said on the comment to your saints defence post Gregg Williams’ boys totally turned it on. Porter, Sharper, Harper, et al were just brilliant. They made me start to genuinely believe that this could be our year.

    I never let myself get carried away normally given all the average cycles we’ve been through but this is the first time I have ever thought genuinely that we have a big chance. Even when we got to the Championship game against the Bears my gut feeling did not believe. This year it is saying we will win it. The way the D is playing is everything. As long as we can stay healthy!

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