And the Beat Goes On

Posted: October 7, 2009 in Saints
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Another week, and another near perfect game by the New Orleans Saints. Yeah, the offense was sort of dormant for the second straight week, but looking back at the highlights, I was reminded of a pretty good chunk of decent plays made by Pierre Thomas and Drew Brees against a Rex Ryan coach defense.

During the game, I couldn’t help but think to myself a number of times: Oh no, here we go again. Our defense is great, so our offense will go to pot right on cue. Not that it’s a terrible thing. I always said a good defense is better than a good offense. I mean the offense played, at times, as bad as our defense used to play in our losses in recent years, and who won the game???? That’s right!! Now after thinking this to myself and having won the game to go to 4-0, I suddenly remember having a very miserable time in 2006 when the Saints played the Baltimore Ravens with defensive coordinator Rex Ryan. Everyone knows we got taken to school during that game and Drew Brees didn’t do any better then then he did now. In fact, he did worse. Rex Ryan’s 3-4 defense proved to be way to much for Drew all game long and picked him off three, count um, three times. It didn’t help that he had a 26th ranked defense backing him up to force him to dart the ball anywhere it looked like he had a glimmer of hope to complete a 35 yard pass play. It was then that I realized that the offensive drop-off that I witnessed in the Dome really wasn’t much of a drop-off at all. Drew didn’t lead the team or play magnificiently, but he did manage the game really well. He wasn’t intercepted once and was able to pick up 190 yards throught the air, and no half of those weren’t  interception return yards this time. We also earned 150 on the ground.

Three years ago, two things existed that made us extremely vulnerable to the 3-4 aggressive style defense. The sense of urgency to gain 50 yards on one play because our sorry defense couldn’t defend: INT and our inability to RUN THE BALL. This is a 3-4 defense’s weak spot. It’s how you move the ball against them and is the only way. I was pleased to be reminded of all the weapons we utilized in this game.

Having said this, I guess I shouldn’t expect to see offensive fire power in two weeks against the GEEEEEE-MEN either. Some reward we get for beating the heck out of the previously hottest quarterback in the league and grounding the 3-0 Jets. I mean jeez, their the only team ranked above us in the power rankings. Hopefully Eli doesn’t play. Oh well, we got two weeks.

I’ll be turning my full attention to LSU, who btw, is also unbeaten; WHAT IS THAT?, as they play the top ranked Florida Gators in Death Valley Saturday night. Chow.

  1. great games this week.

  2. Beating both New York teams in the same season is just so sweet. I still think the Giants could be the main contender in the NFC come seasons end. I know they’re not clicking right now but they have enough weapons to get it done given time. Come playoff time they will be a different outfit and I fear Brandon Jacobs more than just about any RB in the NFL, poor season or not. He is a tank.

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