At Last Championship Caliber play has arrived in the Big Easy

Posted: September 29, 2009 in Saints
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Marching into Buffalo with a 2-0 record, the New Orleans Saints had a chance to start the season undefeated through the first three weeks of the season for the first time since making it to the NFC championship game two and a half years ago. This was, however, not going to be an easy task; not that any task ever is in the NFL. But Buffalo’s defense felt it was time for Drew Brees and the Saints offense to experience a little change of pace: being hit. Drew Brees is guy, after all, who does not stay rigid and tall in the pocket that often and if you can get him to rush to make a throw, it’ll be incomplete more times than not. The Saints are so productive because Brees has about 1 to 1 and a half seconds longer on any given snap to let his plays develop and if they aren’t developed, he doesn’t throw which cuts down on interceptions. Buffalo realized this and pressured Brees all day long. They didn’t worry about double covering Colston or getting physical with Shockey. They just pinned their ears back and went after Brees. Thus, the passing game was non-productive.

What the Saints did: Recognized the pressure, used their power backs to run away from the pressure and used Buffalo’s defensive scheme to their advantage. They mixed up the playcalling from reverses to quarterback runs to keep Buffalo on their  toes. The defense stepped up and played an aggressive game to allow Buffalo only a possible 3 points and the good defense allowed late game-sealing points for the Saints because of the fatigue of Buffalo’s defense. They found a way to win.

Now comes the true test. If the Saints don’t want to experience the mid-season drop off that they have gone through in every single promising season that they ever had, they’ll have to realize that from here on out, it’ll be about finding ways to win. A newly structured team with more elements and new assets to use is very difficult for an opponent to read. It’s the reason Jim Haslett lead the Saints to the playoffs in his first year, why Sean Payton lead the Saints to the NFC Championship in his first year. The Saints, while under the same coach, have a new attitude on defense, a couple of new acquisitions, some new valuable power backs; all of which the NFL isn’t used to and possibly wasn’t ready for. The Buffalo Bills have sent a message to the NFL: This is how you stop Brees. The Saints have sent a message to the NFL: you need to stop the run. NFL defenses will look at everyone of those aspects and hard when playing the Saints. The joyride is over. It’s time to show why you really deserve to go to the Super Bowl.

Wow, this may be the only week that Nola Chick would have more Quit It’s on the Tuesday criticisms for the Saints and be more pessimistic than I would. I have to say I didn’t expect so many Quit It’s.

And finally a shout out to Jabari Greer. So I heard this week was the first week in 185 straight games that T. O. did NOT have his popcorn ready. I guest the fan who through some at him was in good enough spirits to provide him with some.

Next week the Saints battle the Jets in the Dome. Somebody has to tell Mark Sanchez that 3 is enough.

  1. Chef Who Dat says:

    Due to unnecessary roughness to a kitchen instrument, spoons have been temporarily suspended from Cafe 641. Thus, you better be working mental mojo.

    Ya’ll biking on Sunday? 11 a.m. at the Bulldog.

  2. Jake says:

    You know, while losing contact with my physical self after witnessing f-bombingly bad special teams play and following outside uncontrollable impulses to engage in such destruction, I could never possibly have imagined the height of retaliation and determined persistence that would occur as a result of said destruction.

  3. Chef Who Dat says:

    You know what they say, Jake. “A spoon saved is a spoon earned.” “Do unto spoons as you’d have spoons do unto you.” “Love your spoon as you love thyself.”

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