Part of which is courtesy of the happenings at the left. Yes I know that’s a sentence fragment, get over it. Mike Bell tumbles over the Philadelphia defense for his only touchdown on the day, where he ran the ball 17 times for a total of 86 yards. Mike Bell left the game with a knee injury; more on that after the analysis and stats.

Drew Brees had himself another usual day at the office, a season high game for most quarterbacks, finishing 25/34 for 311 yards 3 TDs and a pick. Well maybe not a career high with the interception lingering in there, but still pretty good.

Everyone seemed to have a fairly good day out there; heck even Reggie got a taste of the endzone, a place that he and everyone else thought he would make a living, but you know all about that. Scott Shanle decided he was going to suck today for one less play and make an interception; thought that did a lot for his confidence. Darren Sharper too, the playmaker, ‘course this guy’s gonna get his safety on. He’s been a playmaker his whole 13 year career. He’s not about to chill out now. GET SOME, D!!

Still looking for another face-melting level that continues to ellude the Saints defense.

Now on to the injury to Mike Bell injury. While it doesn’t sound serious, it is an injury that could possibly sideline Bell. He has a sprained medial collateral ligament. Full details on the injury will not be known until after he undergoes an MRI today and the diagnosis will not be announced until Wednesday. This is the same injury that kept Thomas out for 4 weeks.

Next week the Saints travel to Buffalo. Kickoff: 3:05pm, Network: FOX


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