Saints Baptize Raiders In The Black Hole

Posted: August 30, 2009 in Saints PRE 2009
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After witnessing a team effort good enough to roll over the Raider defense like a Semi over a beetle and stuff them into a near shut-out, I hesitate to..maybe think that the Saints 42 year building process has nearly come to an end.

It may have been pre-season, but seeing an offense and defense come together is something truly amazing. What’s even more amazing is seeing the running game function like a normal running game. Last week, Mike Bell ripped off an impressive Deuce-like 100 yard game in just 10 carries. This week, Lynell Hamilton picked up right where Bell left off, Bell being on the sideline for most of the game. Hamilton was gettin his Deuce on and bulldozed his way to 95 yards rushing. He wasn’t able to reach 100 due to the sideline getting the best of him and calling his name a little early. P.J. Hill also saw good action on the ground picking up 83 yards on 12 carries.

Hopefully the Saints can carry these performances into the regular season.

Offense: E+

Defense: E

Overall: E  (See Preseason Grading Scale)


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