Hall of Fame Game Kicks off Preseason

Posted: August 11, 2009 in Other Sports News
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The annual Hall of Fame game kicked off the NFL Preseason Sunday night in Canton, Ohio and wrapped up another Hall of Fame induction weekend which saw Rod Woodson go into the Hall of Fame.

I didn’t watch most of the game. Frankly, I wasn’t the least bit interested. The game didn’t count, and it was between two teams that I probably would not watch play in the regular season. Sure, I flipped to the game for a couple of seconds, but after about two minutes I officially had enough of preseason football.

Hey, here’s an idea, instead of cutting the preseason down to two games, let’s cut it down to about two minutes. The first quarter of the first game for each team can be 17 minutes long; that’s two minutes of preseason. That’s enough time to warm up, you got training camp for cryin out loud! Because after two minutes of watchin’ that, I was ready for the games to count.

Anyway, that’s not gonna happen in the Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood aka. the NFL, so I have to make due I guess. In the meantime here are some unwritten rules to follow handed down by Doug Gottleib of ESPN Radio (in my own words):

1. Thou shall not wager one penny on NO PRESEASON GAME.

2. Thou shall not make NO reference to NO preseason scores or stats of ones team.

3. Thou shall not use “watching an NFL preseason game” as an excuse to get out NO family function.

4. Thou shall not be throwin NO party or meetin at NO sports bar for NO PRESEASON GAME.

5. Thou shall not be raving and havin NO COWS ova NO third string quarterbacks.

6. Get that jersey and body paint outside this joint!

7. Thou shall not be raising hell ova the playcallin’.

8. For Michigan: Thou shall not rave if the Lions win NO PRESEASON GAME.

9. Thou shall not complain about the replays or wish their team “could have challenged that”.

10. Thou shall not ask oneself, “Should we go for two here?”

10a. (Did not make the list, but made the show: Thou shall not trash talk.

10a for Cafe 641: Thou shall not trash cook.

10b. As always, smokin is outta here!!!!

Doug Gottleib is on everyday from 3-4pm on ESPN 1350 WWWL and continued 4-6pm on ESPN 1560 WSLA.


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