Michael Vick Conditionally Reinstated By Comish Two Days Ago

Posted: July 30, 2009 in Other Sports News
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Sorry I couldn’t get this story out sooner, but it proved to be a challenge to get all the big stories out this week.

Commissioner Roger Goodell handed down his decision of Michael Vick Tuesday, conditionally reinstating the former Falcons QB. Vick, who needless-to-say engageed in dogfighting a few years back, can join a team, participate fully in camp as well as attend any practices the team decides to hold otherwise. Vick can even play in the final two preseason games if the team lets him.

However, Vick cannot participate in regular season contests for the first six weeks of the season and will not be able to play until he is fully reinstated by Roger Goodell. Goodell will decide this if Michael shows he has improved his behavior over the first six weeks.

People are devided on whether the conditional reinstatement is a better decision over the full reinstatement. I support Roger’s decision for two reasons.

Number one: People who are against the option of conditional reinstatement argue that Vick has already served two years in prison and been out of the league, obviously, for that time and he doesn’t need any more punishment. Well, the crime that Vick committed was not only damaging to the community, but damaging also the NFL and everything that it stands for. While Vick did successfully pay his debt to society, he did not yet pay his debt to the NFL. Many players break NFL player conduct rules and are punished accordingly for them with suspensions and/or fines. What Vick did not only violated player conduct, REALLY violated player conduct, but was a criminal act and became a criminal case. Jail time was to serve his punishment from a criminal act. It had nothing to do with his conduct as far as the NFL was concerned. The six game suspension is Michael’s debt to pay back for the “the shield” if you will, the NFL.

Number two: Michael Vick clearly needs a mentor to watch over him and guide him through these first few weeks before being turned completely loose. He needs a little guidance to help him turn his life around, turn away from the bad and just plain get the public to respect him much less like him again. He’s tarnished all his accomplishments in a big way and I don’t think he has the ability to get everyone liking Michael Vick again on his own. But with a little guidance and lots of time, if he really means well, Vick can show with his words and actions that he has turned around and quite possibly be a great NFL player.

I wouldn’t actually be opposed to Vick joining the Saints this year. He’d be a great running compliment to Drew Brees, you know, like a Flynn/Perriloux scenario, just sayin’.


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