Saints Bush/Kardashian Split Up

Posted: July 29, 2009 in Random News
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At the end of this July in 2009 with training camp looming ever so close, it seems the biggest storyline the ultimate media machine known as the New Orleans Saints can muster up is coming from their now leading running back. Reggie Bush reportedly broke up with TV star Kim Kardashian, whom he dated for some two years recently.

Well lets see, you’re probably wondering what caused the breakup. Well the funny thing is………….it was nothing. A source to People magazine said they were having difficulty making their long distance relationship work. It was really about going their separate ways. Oh well isn’t that nice. My God, the New Orleans Saints couldn’t be affiliated with drama if it slapped them in the face!! They escape it from on the field activity right down to a personal celebrity relationship, which is asking for drama, Geez.

Anyway, the long distance put a strain on their relationship so I guess it wasn’t the fact that any said drama took place, but really that New Orleans was so damn far from celeb ville. Never heard anyone complain about distance in a celebrity relationship before. Kim, sorry ya boy didn’t end up with the Texans.

Of course this happens around the same time Tony Romo of the Cowboys split up with Jessica Simpson because she was “boring”.

There’s always a chance Reginald could be lying, right………….We’ll go with that. We’ll call him a lyer.


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