Hornets Finally Make A Buzz, Acquire Emeka Okafor For Tyson Chandler

Posted: July 29, 2009 in Hornets
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Well it took about all summer, but GM Jeff Bower has finally made a move he feels will bolster the Hornets lineup by switching centers with the Charlotte Bobcats.

On Tuesday, the Hornets acquired Bobcats center Emeka Okafor in exchange for their former center Tyson Chandler. It’s nice to see the Hornets trying to tinker some with a lineup that got pummled in a first round playoff series by the Denver Nuggetts, including a 58 point loss in game 3, but was it the right move considering all their other choices the Hornets had when they never made a move.

The newly acquired Okafor stands at 6′ 10″, while Tyson is over 7 feet. This poses a problem with the old patented CP3/TC  Crescent  City Connection as Okafor cannot elavate as high as Chandler. Jeff Bower and the staff are confident though that they have made the right move.

While Okafor isn’t as athletic as Chandler, he is stronger and his offensive game is “a bit more polished” according to NBA.com’s John Schuhmann. Okafor has racked up 13.8 points ans and 10.6 rebounds over the past three seasons while Tyson has only averaged 10.2 points and 11.2 rebounds, however Okafor has gotten more shots than Chandler.

Considering the other options available to the Hornets including Allen Iverson, Brandon Bass from the Dallas Mavericks, and Glenn “Big Baby” Davis from the Boston Celtics, I think this is just a product of the Hornets believing in holding out for better talent and as a result scraping up the average leftovers from free agency after the big names were taken. I’ve always said that being aggressive, whether in free agency or in a game is required to be succssful in a big business and I think the Hornets got shortchanged with the remains by jumping in the free agent circus too late.

Only time will tell, though, if Okafor can truly be the upgrade to the center position that the Hornets were looking for. What do you think?


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