Brett Favre Remains Retired

Posted: July 29, 2009 in Other Sports News
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Okay so this news was huge so I had to fit it in on the same day. Brett Favre after countless months of uncertainty has decided to not go play for the Minnesota Vikings and remained retired. It was first reported mid-Tuesday that the 39 year old QB decided against playing his 18th full NFL season. He just didn’t have anything left in the tank.

Now even though I would have liked to see him play again just to see him keep going like the energizer bunny, I have to speak with some knowledge and say that he finally used his brain in making this decision. His heart, of course, is with the game, but he simply was not physically up to the task. He wasn’t even up to the task last year. He looked exhausted after every play. It was just a smart decision not to damage his legacy further by playing for the Vikings.

There were initial thoughts that the primary motive for returning to the NFL for Favre was to “get back” at his former team for leaving him behind when he wanted to come back to the NFL the first time by signing with their arch rival and beating them twice in the upcoming season. Now some would say that Favre already told the Packers he was retired and that was that, but he has been extremely loyal to them, never missed a game, and uh got them a Super Bowl. The Pack could have shown a little more understanding. Nevertheless, Brett decided proving anything to his former team wasn’t worth the risk to his body, his legacy, and the required commitment of playing another year, which have led many to talk about what it has said to the Vikings about Favre being a true Packer by refusing to sign with their enemy even at the chance of revenge. But I am focused on what it says to Green Bay. Here’s a team that turned their backs on Favre, however Favre remains the bigger person and says nope, I’m not  coming back with the Vikings, I’m a true factor. It could be a humbling experience for Green Bay, which is the topic of this poll below.


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