Hornets In the Offseason: Bunch of Talk, No Action

Posted: July 18, 2009 in Hornets
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When the 2009 offseason started, it was clear the Hornets had to readjust to their new look after experiencing a tremendous dropoff performance wise from 2008 when they won a record 56 games, their first ever Southwest division title, and a second round playoff birth. The unit requiring the most readjustment; the bench. For the Hornets, it’s still one of the worst units in the league lacking all size, experience, and atletic ability. James Posey was signed to the Hornets last summer in an effort to change all that, but with Pargo traded off the same year, Morris Peterson injured most of the year, and countless starters experiencing injury troubles, Posey did not have anywhere near the impact he was expected to have.

To deepen the bench futher, the Hornets have proposed to add Allen Iverson from the Pistons into their starting lineup to move a starter to the bench. Those talks were quickly put to bed and Iverson has gone through several prospects since then including the Bobcats, Heat, Clippers, and Rockets. The Bees then said that they had a particular interest in Brandon Bass before retracting and saying they could get someone better. Well, he has already signed with the Orlando Magic saying that he could no longer wait for the Hornets to extend him an offer. Chris Anderson was also targeted by the Hornets this free agency, but resigned with Denver.

The Hornets say they are currently pondering a desision to add Glenn “Big Baby” Davis to their roster from the Boston Celtics. If successful, it would be the third transaction between to two franchises in 5 years. But like all the other promises, this one is on hold and the Hornets must get a move on if they hope to get something done this summer, or they will end up in the same position they were in last year.

The Saints have have tried the same method of seeing how far an offseason with non-existant transactions goes for a team and have lost countless players who could have had a tremendous impact on the football field.

GM Jeff Bower, who I usually praise for his signing decisions for the Hornets, remains steady though in saying “Patience [is] required in free agency.”


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