Obama Mania Continues to Wreck Havoc on Freedom of Speech

Posted: July 8, 2009 in Random News

Apparently as it turns out, I made a very good decision to switch my blog to wordpress back in January, because it seems that all the idiots who run Google decided to shut down any blogs that spoke up against Obama and his big gov’t fiasco. Looks like they’ve jumped on the ol’ bandwagon too. You know if we were really as stupid as they all (media, liberals in general, the muslum himself) said we were, why would they go and take the time to search us out and shut us down? That really puzzles me. I guess maybe they’re afraid that we’re getting too loud, reaching too many people. Well that’s too bad. So sorry if we believe we don’t have to rely on Uncle Sam for every gotdamn thing.

Despite most of America’s still blindsided minds, it is already turning around. People are realizing that the media built up a man to tear down a country. THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD at that. Not the one idiot douche tears down every damn day in front of other world leaders as he BOWS DOWN to them. What country is this?????

Oh I’m sure wordpress will get in the act soon, but for now I’m still here. Just incase I go away, let acknowledge everyone who has read my blog in past. Thanks for puttin up with my harsh, back to reality style blogging.

Hopefully, we can all work to together and make 2010 the biggest congessional ass whoopin in American history, as it should be.

PS: The number of firearm permits issued in Louisiana has doubled in recent months, shove that up your stimlus, Global spendin, Constitution ruining ass and like it. In the words of ya Pal Al on Bayou 95.7 New Orleans ONLY Classic Rock: “It’s Gettin’ Like the Wild Wild West Around Here!!!


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