Lakers Are NBA Champions

Posted: June 15, 2009 in Other Sports News

Even though I really don’t give a rats ass about the Lakers and their 15 championships, I’d be a complete douche to completely ignore the Finals champions, especially considering it was a close series throughout. Sure the overall score doesn’t say much (4-1), but every game went right down to the wire and had me on the edge of my seat pass 11:00 every single night. That made for some great entertainment.

Had it not been for Dwight Howard acting like an idiot most of the first two games and at the free throw line in game 4, we might still actually be playing this thing out.

Anyway, that makes 15 championships for the Lakers franchise, 10 championships for Phil Jackson as an NBA head coach, and 4 championships for Kobe Bryant and Co. They have slightly more professional championships than our city as a whole, don’t you think? The scariest part is, they’re not going away either. They’re sure to be just as explosive for years to come, as long as everyone remains healthy. I’m not talking about Hornets or Saints players, so that is likely to happen.

Oh God when are we gonna get like…………………i don’t know…..1?????????


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