Super Bowl Site: “Big, Easy” Decision

Posted: May 21, 2009 in Other Sports News

At first, the chance for New Orleans getting a Super Bowl was not nearly as good with questions about the Superdome being up-to-date and up to the standards for the NFL’s biggest game. There was also the factor of getting the New Orleans Saints locked up in the city of New Orleans for the long haul. This was one of the major issues keeping NFL owners from even considering New Orleans as a possible host. Also, what would downtown be like? Would it be able to accomodate the officials, the fans, everybody involved in putting on this show.

Well, after continuous, vigorous, and tireless work from the Saints organization and the New Orleans convention and visitors bureau, New Orleans seemed to have everything in place. The Saints are in New Orleans until 2025. The newly signed deal will revitalize downtown to make for the best possible football experience for all fans, and the Superdome is promised to get an upgrades which will include more seats and bring it up to the current Super Bowl standards. The only thing left to do after that was sit and wait but New Orleans’s unique way of partying and know-how to host big events together with a stellar bidding presentation made it an easy decision I believe.

Congratulations to New Orleans!  Laissez le bon ton Roulez


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