Secondary Rhyme Tyme

Posted: May 18, 2009 in Saints

The secondary, like so many other units have been in the past for the New Orleans Saints, will be changed greatly in 2009 with 3 of 4 defensive backs switched out of the lineup. Sure there is still a lot of competition to get through before the final decision of whose gonna start is handed down by P-Diddy Co, but it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that it’s new cornerbacks Jabari Greer from free agency and Malcolm Jenkins, unless Jason David needs to fill in until he proves himself. I don’t see how he could be any worse coming out of the gate, but oh well. At safety it would be these two guys up in this picture. Cudos to Mickey (mouse) Loomis for giving me something else to rhyme about. Darren Sharper and Roman Harper should start at the safety position. Besides their last names, Darren has shown before he can play better than any wannabe high-school caliber halfassed safety we could ever hope to comes close to getting our financially strained hands on otherwise, and Roman Harper has proven himself before as a Saint, playing with high energy, always being around the ball, and hardly ever missing a tackle. These two would make the perfect D-back tandem.

Just mix good corner play with a good dose of Vilma style LB core seasoned with some Greg Williams, and might have a recipe for a dirty QB.

Are you studying Chef?

PS: Somebody tell me when these triflin’ owners are supposed to vote on the Super Bowl site.


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