Hornets Really Need To Rebound In Game 2 To Return Home 1-1

Posted: April 22, 2009 in Hornets

After an abissmal showing Sunday Night, what John DeShazier of the Times Picayune called a “113-84 undressing”, the Hornets, now aka the honets, honuts, or donuts, must ask what they are going to do to slow down Denver’s scoring, how to get more points in the paint, because relying on jump shots is simply too risky especially in the playoffs against a offensive team, and is Chauncy Billups going to play like a normal NBA player and not shoot 8-9 from downtown.

All these questions must have answers and they must show up on the basketball court because after getting your ass handed to you on a Chauncy Billups 3-point platter, there’s really no room for error at all if there is going to be a chance to turn this around in game 2.

The return of Tyson Chandler was supposed to help the Hornets with their defense and shot blocking. While he has helped a little with the offensive, he has done little in the way of shot blocking, keeping opponents out of the paint, and well he hasn’t been gettin’ his Crescent City Connection on lately either. What’s up TYC? We need you. 

It’s only a one game lead, but holes can be dug really fast in the playoffs. If the Hornets lose again, the series is likely to be over before it even gets to New Orleans, but if they can return home in front of a buzzed, sellout crowd tied at 1, the series has new life.

Game 2 Tip-off @ 9:30pm cst.


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