Saints Updates

Posted: March 31, 2009 in Saints

There are lots of things to get to regarding the Saints at this time.

The team has slowed down a little bit regarding free agency, but they did sign DT Roddrick Coleman, who I did not get to in my last post. Coleman, a fifth round draft pick of the Oakland Raiders in 1999, is a nine year NFL veteran who began with the raiders and stayed there for four seasons before getting cut and picked up by the Atlanta Falcons. There he played from 2004-2007, and did not play in 2008 due to being released by the Falcons in Februrary. Coleman is a former NFC defensive player of the month under now Saints D-Line coach Bill Johnson. oleman played in Super Bowl XXXVII with the Raiders.

Next, the club has announced that they are officially bidding for the 2013 Super Bowl. The Saints released the bid on Friday for the big game. Everyone is very confident that a long term deal with the team will be reached by the time the owners have to vote on who’s getting the game. Well I say we better get it, because Miami has submitted their bid along side us. I will not be happy if they are awarded the Super Bowl again. They hosted one two years ago and they’re hosting this coming one, which will give them the most hosted SB’s passing New Orleans. We need it so we can can tie them back!!

Also, the Saints are BACK HOME FOR TRAINING CAMP!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, the team will hold training camp in Louisiana. It’s about damn time. Intentionally moving away for training camp for no apparant significant reason is up there in the top 5 stupidest decisions the organization has ever made. Now stay there people!!!!!!

Finally, the team has released their 2009 Preseason schedule that will feature four AFC teams. It will feature a home game against the Bengals, a road game against the Texans; two reversals from the 2008 Preseason; a road match-up vs. Da Raaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiidaaaaas, and for the third straight preseason, the Saints will close out in the Superdome against the Miami Dolphins. The Saints won the first of three, 7-0; the dolphins won it last year 10-7; and apparently Roger Goodell did not listen to me when I told him to take the effin degrading Dolphins off of our preseason schedule, or at least off the last week of pre-season. We simply cannot be successful when we gear up for the season by playing the Fins, of course they did make the playoffs last year, but I don’t care, TAKE UM OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS: The Battered Hornets bounce back against the second best team in the West, down the Spus 90-86.

(That’s not a typo!)

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