LB Dan Morgan Out of Retirement, Will Join Saints

Posted: February 14, 2009 in Other Sports News

Linebacker Dan Morgan has come out of retirement and will reportedly join the team who signed him right before he left the game; the Saints. Well i decided in light of this recent event, I would make a little return of my own. Dan Morgan is a former Carolina Panther and yes he was a decent linebacker, but he’s coming back injured so God knows what he’ll do. He might drink some “Gregg Williams juice” and show some flashes of hope or he might drink too much GW juice and reinjure himself or even only make the practice squad. But whatever happens, I’m sure he’ll valiantly and triumphantly march his way down an emotion-filled season and succeed in accomplishing only missing the playoffs by a millimeter instead of a mile.

I wonder what number he’s going to wear? He can’t wear 55. That’s for sure.

Man look at this guy, he looks gassed. He should after all those years in the NFL and all those injuries. He’s probably thinking, “Man, I wish football only lasted 4 months or something like that.”

Wait a minute……………………………..

Dan………………………………………………you’re a smart ass man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, while GW and the gang get busy tearing down and rebuilding the defense  like an old and busted, aged, rusted up, broken down, corroded old boat motor, I’ll be busy talkin about how the Saints and Hornets will stay and how the Hornets will get back on the right track. Theyre 30-20 which is very unfamiliar territory for them. To match last season’s win total, they must now go 26-6 in their last 32 games.


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