One For The Ages

Posted: February 2, 2009 in Other Sports News

Yeah, said it best. A game that started like a usual Super Bowl blowout, although recent ones have been close, ended up being considered one of the greatest Super Bowls of all time. Thanks go out to the Arizona Cardinals for that. But also thank you Steelers for giving me a hard earned playoff prediction win. They have been hard to come by this year with all these upsets and Arizona blowin up all my previous picks, having the audacity to keep winning. Well Arizona was finally derailed from their fairy tale tracks by what is the perfect example of an old school, smash mouth, no nonsense, face smashin, smooth, fundamentally sound, competent football team. No stumblin and bumblin their way to a win. Naw au. Good solid effin football. If anyone was gonna beat the Cardinals at this time, it would be the Steelers. Not that I have any hatred toward the Cards. Their just the Cards, you know, the Cardinals. Thats almost in Saints territory even. They just needed to go away. They just don’t know this territory.

Unfortunetly they didnt until the last game of the season.

Damn it’s hard to hate on the Cards. I’m ooooooooozing with indifference, but I got to have something to talk about and my biggest pet peeve was them ruinin all my playoff picks. Fortunetly the Steelers boosted me to 4-6 in the postseason. A stat, as I have told y’all before, that is very uneasing to me. VERY. It downgrades me into the depths of those little halo sporters. My performance matches their’s. Thats very painful. I pride myself on demonstrating winning ways to the unenlightened and leading them to new territories not encountered by 504 residents. I was unable to get the job done, and the Hornets who are teaming up with me on this movement also failed on two occasions this weekend. It’s gonna be a hard recovery from this even though the Steelers provided me with some hope this weekend.

Meanwhile, football is now over, Drew Brees has one more chance to mate with the stretcher, and I will go back to the drawing board to devise offseason plans for enlightening the narrow-minded. IT’S A VERY TOUGH JOB.


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