Posted: January 22, 2009 in Hornets

The pesky Indiana Pacers, just like they always seem to do despite being 15-27 and second to last in the Eastern Conference, hung around with one of the NBA’s elite all game long and answered everything the Hornets could throw their way. The Bees would pull out ahead, the Pacers would close the gap and just when the Hornets seemed to escape with the win, Granger hit a highly contested step back 3 pointer to tie the game at 100 with 2.5 seconds to go.

But as it has been seen before, at least for the past two seasons, you don’t leave the Hornets shooting offense any where near 2.5 seconds to get up a last second shot, especially when CP3 is practically begging for the coach to give him the ball. Final play: Posey pulls the trigger, inbounds to CP3, always a good decision, CP dribbles around the arc, finds his spot and just like Granger, pulls up and shoots a long, contested 3 ball at the buzzer that drew nothing but the inside of the net. The Hornets won 103-100 and improved to 25-13 off of that shot. They are 3rd in the Western Conference, 2nd behind the San Antonio Spurs in the division, who occupy the 2nd spot in the West.

Tonight the Hornets will face Byron Scott’s old team, the New Jersey Nets at the Hive.


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