Saints Pass The Pile of Compost To Gregg Williams

Posted: January 17, 2009 in Saints

The man seen to the left will be depended on to revive probably the biggest liability in New Orleans Saints history. Gregg Williams has had a history of producing some pretty solid defensive units with top 10 defenses in a couple of seasons with the Washington Redskins, however, just like all the other coaches and players that always seem to be available to the Saints there are those pesky quwershtion marks. (yes I meant to do that) Williams, although proving he can possess a solid defense on staff, he also headed a 17th ranked defense, info courtesy of the Chicks, and never really improved without the aid of Hall of Fame coach Joe Gibbs. So, hhhhhhhhmmmmmm, perhaps we shall wait and see, dammit, just like all the other got damn times we hired another staff member. But hey, at least he couldn’t possibly dash the high hopes of a who dat nation foaming at the mouth waiting to see what this guy can do. They may be foaming at the mouth, but only because the defense couldn’t possibly suck as bad as it did before. Sure, our linebackers arent the most physically fit and our safeties are washed up and our corners are just dumb, but at least we know that the montrosity of the play calling will not repeat itself, right. The whole LBs five yards back from the line of scrimmage on 3rd and 1 thing, you know. Or on run formations again, LBs five yards back. I think Gary scary Gibbs was gettin high, what other reason could explain the unprecedented phenominom? I’ve never even seen a Saints coach call defensive plays quite like the way Gary D-Bag Gibbs would. Workin that play chart like a bucket of rotten tomatoes.

Gregg W. doesn’t have to do sh*t as far as I’m concerned. Just put on your New Orleans Saints sweats, get in your car with a little bit of rest on Sunday, and come to work. The results of this effort can and will be seen on the field, and our 11th ranked defense will tickle everyone who fills that Dome so much, they’ll be laughin all the way to the second round of the postseason.

***Cafe 641 official 2009 seal is in pre-production***

The official logo:

(will upload soon as I get back to Slidell!)


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