Divisional Playoff Action In Full Swing

Posted: January 11, 2009 in Other Sports News

The playoffs had a rough start for me. I had picked the #1 seed Tennessee Titans to win today and no, not just because they were the #1 seed! Although I feel that the Baltamore Ravens had the best ball hogging safety in the National Football League, Ed Reed, who also happened to be the primary reason I picked them to beat the Dolphins last week; I also took into account that the Tennessee Titans had the better overall team and they could run the ball effectively. Running the ball would eliminate the threat of Ed Reed reeking havoc in the secondary. Plus Tennesse had an offense to go with their outstading defense; Baltimore had issues with their offense. There is no way anyone could have foreseen 3 Tennessee turnovers to Baltimore’s none. Without those turnovers, their would be a much different outcome. And thanks to the Ravens, i’m in a position that has the potential of haunting me for years to come, a position of sub- parness, the position itself does not haunt me at all, what haunts me is that my position makes me very similar to a particular group of pansies I have no interest in even coming close to occupying similar characteristics with. This was supposed to separate me from them as far as possible, and my teams are dropping like flies and knocking me back into the world I put up with 4 months a year. There’s just no hope. I mean, Tennessee runs rampid up and down the field and turns it over 3 times just to make life hard. Now even the Arizona Cardinals are scoring on the Panthers, could be another loss for me coming up.

Football greatness just ISN’T meant to be in any way, shape, or form anywhere within the borders of LA or , on occasion, anywhere within LA and outside of Baton Rouge.

So the Ravens won 13-10, Arizona currently leads Carolina 14-7. Games tomorrow at noon and 3pm


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