Well Wasn’t That Just Fantastic

Posted: December 23, 2008 in Saints

On Sunday we not only made history for the Detroit Lions, but we personally defended our own worst season in franchise history. Yes the Saints started a season 0-14 and while other teams in the past have matched our all time worst of 1-15, nobody lost their first 15 games, the Saints included. They got the win in week 16. The Lions are now 0-15 and the only team to have atrociously earned that record. The only winless team prior to this day was way back in 1976 when the Tampa Bay “Yuccaneers” went 0-14 in the 14 game regular season.

It was such a bad situation in Detriot  that after this game, their last of the season here in Detriot, the crew came out onto the field with their little clean up trucks and wiped the Detriot logo off the center of the field; right off, immediately after the game. That’s sad.

Now allow me to share undisclosed inside information that you would least expect to hear from me. Yes, this is the last place you would expect to hear something like this but……………….. . The Saints, dispite the universal thought that they lose to winless teams all the time, which was technically true before today, are really on the see-saw with struggling teams. Why? In 50% of our games with struggling teams; this would be 3 wins or less in the second half of the year, we either tend to lose, or give them their most lopsided loss of the season. Whereas other teams consistently beat them, we simply maintain a balance by either losing or winning big. The Giants game on Sunday Night Football a few years back was an example. We beat them 45-7, their worst loss. The Raiders this year were garbage, 37-3, their worst loss. Plus we’re undefeated against the Raiders since the start of their garbage era.

Sure we never beat a winless team. But now you can add the Lions to that list, 42-7 their worst loss of 2008.

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