Hornets Get Past The Grizzlies, Prepare To Return Home For The Spurs Tomorrow Night

Posted: December 18, 2008 in Hornets

The Hornets found themselves in a matchup to close for comfort Tuesday night against the worst team in the Southwest division as they took on the Memphis Grizzlies. The Hornets were 13-7 coming into this game coming off of a 99-91 win over the Raptors. Had it not been for the Boston Celtics at the garden, the Hornets would have come in undefeated on the road trip. Late in the fourth, the game swung back and forth as the Hornets took the lead on many different occasions and the Grizzlies would tie it back up. But when the game was tied at 81 and the Hornets needed a big shot, Peja stepped up and shot a well, and I mean well, contested three point shot that went in and gave the Bees a 3 point lead. From there, the Hornets were able to play good solid defense and pull away from the Grizzlies. The final was 91-84. A relatively low scoring game.

Now I would be completely outside my mind if I didn’t mention CP3’s record tying night. Tonight CP3 reached 105 straight games with at least 1 steal, tying him with Alvin Robinson in that category. Alvin ironically played for the Spurs during that time, the same team he will have to break the record against at home in the Hive tomorrow night. Paul didn’t just get one steal today, though, oh no, he got 5 against the Grizzlies, but did only have 1 against the Raptors

He will look for 106 tomorrow night.

Spurs vs. Hornets @ 8:30pm cst

New Orleans Arena


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