Posted: December 11, 2008 in Random News


Someone fixed the air condition this morning. It’s cold as sh*t and I don’t usually say that. felt like 25 degrees out there. snow was falling from around 7 o clock in the morning to 10:30. About an inch stuck to the ground making it solid white, kinda like this tree seen at the right and not in New Orleans. The trees were not covered like this but they were pretty damn close. It even eventually became thick enough to leave a little ice on the concrete, not enough to be significant, but the ice was hardly staying once it hit It melted on the spot.

I enjoyed this as much as I could because, who knows, may not see it again for another 5-10 years, plus it will probably 85 degrees tomorrow!!

  1. Nola Chick says:

    I can’t believe that much snow fell in N.O….and yet the Saints aren’t going to the Super Bowl. I mean really, what’s the point of hell freezing over?

  2. Jake says:

    Something much stronger needs to happen.

    I think we shouldn’t acquire any free agents this year. I think we just need to put “voodoo” on the free agent list!!!!

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