Hornets Rock Bobcats

Posted: December 11, 2008 in Hornets

DDub, CP3, Peja, and Ty were on their game Wednesday night and built a 30 point lead on the Bobcats in the third quarter. Besides putrid bench play, the Hornets gave their most complete game. They had blocks, they had steals, they got to the line more often then they usually do, offense was great, defense was OUTSTANDING and they’re weren’t many bad points to make about the game. We’ll just trash the 4th quarter and that effin bench. The game was too good to say anything bad. Peja went 5 for 6 behind the line. CP3 was ridiculus going 5-5 from the field, 4-4 at the line, and 1-1 from 3 point range totaling 15 points and had 15 assists with one steal keeping his steal streak alive. The “Cresent City Connection” worked frequently during the game against a depleted Charlotte defense unaware of Tyson Chandler running the floor.

The Bobcats did outscore the Bees in the 4th 32-17. Things should look up though. With Rasual Butler getting comfortable in the starting role in place of the previously injured Mo Pete, Mo Pete can now take a back up role on the Hornets and possibly lend a hand along with newly acquired James Posey, whose a defensive beast by the way. We’ll see if the bench eventually develops like this.

The Hornets are now 12-6 and have leap froged the Western Conference over the last two games. With the Houston Rockets losing and the Denver Nuggets losing, the Hornets, with their last two wins have turned their 7th place Western Conference team into a 2nd place Western Conference team behind, guess who, the Los Angeles Lakers, who are 17-3 and playing really good basketball. The Western conference is not as good this year as it was last year and, if not for LA, the Hornets could very well be leading this conference. That effer Kobe Bryant, all his fault, thorn in my side. The Lakers are playing a tight game against the Suns right now, 53-48 at the half.

Next up for the Hornets are the 20-2 Boston Celtics at the garden. This is why we couldn’t afford to lose our two winnable games against the Memphis Grizzles and the Charlotte Bobcats. The Hornets will have to play no worse than they played tonight to even keep pace with the Celtics, and the bench will have to kick it up about 25 notches. Hopefully it happens.

PS: Your Accuweather report for the Saints @ Bears reports 29 degrees by kickoff tomorrow night, chilly willy!!


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