Can Someone Say Balance

Posted: December 8, 2008 in Saints

That’s exactly what the Saints had on Sunday as Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush ran for a combined 182 yards. Drew Brees’s completion percentage was way off of where it usually is and he threw for less yardage than he usually does.

This really was one of those ho hum games. Nothing spectacular on offense, worst defense in NFL history as usual, but the Saints managed to get this W. Honestly I don’t know how, but the reality is the Saints are still on the bubble for a wild card playoff spot. Of course our division opponents have to lose more and we have to win in Soldier Field, Oh God; snowy Soldier Field. Even if it isn’t snowing, the Saints and cold are like a dog cradled in Michael Vick’s arms. 10-6 will be extremely difficult to achieve with that little sticky situation. The playoffs unfortunetely start today. Have to go 10-6.

Here that Gary Gibbs? Looks like you’re gonna have to do work. That’s right, DO WORK!!!!!!

Show up to work on Thursday night, or I’ll have to get Drew Brees on your ass.

If the Saints ever learn the fundamentals of an NFL linebacker, we should be okay; thing is that probably won’t happen.

Here’s the deal:

Spread formation– line a newly freshly conditioned Scott Shanle up with either a wide receiver or tight end, Vilma in the middle, Fujita on the other inside receiver

This is successfully managed by Gary Gibbs sometimes; the problem is the LB’s ability to read the play. Our linebackers react after the ball is thrown by the quarterback rather than reading the QB’s eyes and anticipating the pass. This leaves our cornerbacks and safties on an island, a saying used often in the NFL which usually spells trouble for ANY defense. They can’t cover all by themselves. Our linebackers are part of the coverage and if we continue to use them only to stop plays rather than break them up, our problems will continue.

Run Formation– If you 30% know me, you know that I’m repin the blitz on this one. USE YOUR LINEBACKERS TO THE FULLEST. Plug the hell out of those rushing holes and stuff that man’s ass behind the line. By the way, it wouldn’t hurt to blitz on a pass play if the quarterback is at the line (not in the shotgun). Blitzing in those instances can be used for a change of pace.

Shotgun– put Shanle and Fujita on a receiver and Vilma in the middle. It’s simple, instead of sitting around the middle of the field waiting for someone to deliver a sub sandwich, each linebacker please report to a receiver and cover aka do your job!!!!!!

This should make the defense at least 50% better. Study up Gary Gibbs. It’s an abomination that you even have a job, but since you are still here we have to live with you.

I could have gone into more detail about how we could improve our defensive performance, but I gotta study for tests. Saints are 7-6 after beating the Atlanta Flcons 29-25.


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