Check Out The Facebook

Posted: December 2, 2008 in Random News

Anybody out there in the who dat nation that have that facebook can check my profile out. Just type my name in search box. You’ll find it. Feel free to put yourself on the friends list and drop a comment every now and then. I’m still waiting on Drew Brees to accept my friend request that I sent about 435 years ago. That man’s a knucklehead. As soon as he does, rest assured who dat nation, your Saints will be in the Super Bowl shortly. I’ll make sure Gary Gibbs gets an earfull about his wack ass no linebacker defense. You’ll see those linebackers in the backfield faster than you can say, “Holy Shit, hell froze over”. As for the secondary, don’t even get me stauted. I don’t think the divine hand of God could do thing about that compost. But the LB’s are a start, you have to say.

Go check out the facebook!!!


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