Are You Ready For Some Cheese Snacks?

Posted: November 24, 2008 in Saints

Say Cheese, Reggie. Your streak of no fumbles in a game may come to an end. The ol’ coach is thinkin’, uh oh, thinkin that Reginald may be healin’ up in time to play tonight. Come to think of it, this may just be the right time to put him in. After all, if you can recall, he does know a few things about cheese, remember? “If you eat too much cheese, you can get sick; especially if you’re lactose intolerant.” Let’s hope nobody’s lactose intolerant tonight, or the injury list will bust out of my monitor and drop slimy residue all over my floor, which I won’t appreciate having to clean up. Either that, or my computer will loose mind blowing amounts of memory trying to download the pictures of all the players on that list.

Tonight presents a very unique and challenging task for the New Orleans Saints; win a couple of games.

That’s right. WIN A COUPLE OF GAMES. That would be 2. It’s an amazing phenonmenom that occurs when you add 1 and 1 together.

I have an idea. Let’s do a magic trick. I’m holding up a finger. Now wave your hands in front of my finger and then pull back. Wait, what’s that. I have 2? What? Holy Shit!!!!!!!

MAGIC MONDAY: SAINTS vs. PACKERS 7:30pm our effen time yo    Louisiana Superdome

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