Are You Smarter Than A Donovan McNabb?

Posted: November 19, 2008 in Other Sports News

So I just got done watching the Saints defense fail at their valiant effort to give another win to an NFL team, and goofy FOX switches me over to the Eagles/Bengals game and tells me they can only keep me there 5 minutes due to NFL rules. I couldn’t believe how far the game ended up going into overtime, and I couldn’t see any of it. Eventually, on Sunday night, I found out nobody scored so the game ended in a tie. It was not highly unusual for me to see that, but I heard the last tie came back in 2002. Man, seems like yesterday. This became apparent, however, when Donovan McNabb opened his mouth and clearly revealed the fact that he completely forgot that games ended in a tie. Or “Didn’t know they did”. How is this possible? A quarterback of all people. I can hear Ben Roethlisberger now, beneath his false defense, laughing his head off over this one. What’s worse; the NFL has had 17 ties since they installed overtime and the Packers and Eagles have been involved in most of them. Looks like you could use an NFL rule book to scan over before you take the field next time. With your luck, you’ll most likely tie again.

I’m not 100%, but you may be able to find a rule book in Gary Gibbs’s office. His room is full of them. He needs to be reminded that defenses stop other teams from scoring, they don’t help them.


Did you know games during the regular season end in ties after one overtime period? (I already voted yes)

  1. chat says:

    A superb defensive player so I love this player

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