I Smell Bees Again

Posted: November 9, 2008 in Aints

Now that pitch and catch season is over again, it’s that time of year again where sports begin, or at least to a degree, in NO. Looks like you boneheads have yet another shot to maybe miraculously gain some sense and start participating in supporting your only professional team. But who am I kidding, you’re not going to. Whatever floats your boat. Just saying, no amount of diehardness, translated as pure stupidity, will make me give up an join the lame train. It dosen’t work on me. Pure diehard is one thing; pure stupidity is another.

I will once again make an effort to sharpen the incredibly blunt tools of this lost fan base, but if you like to suck ass, there’s nothing I can do.

You see the Hornets realized how bad that Kool Aid tasted and threw it up Saturday night. Maybe they’ll think twice about investigating around Saintsland, (the hood), next time.

Sing with me: “4-5 we’re ready to jive cause the crap shit’s over, and I’m headin’ to the Hive”

PS: Gary Gibbs can stick his head in a lava pit, then have it branded with a montrous Coors Light Cool Refreshment sign…………………………………………………………..along with all the other liabilities to our economy that don’t touch a football.

PSX2: You may be wondering why I have this picture of Saints in Cowboy uniforms. You may be asking, “Why are they in Cowboy uniforms?” I have no idea.


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