Hornets Officially Drank The “Kool Aid”

Posted: November 8, 2008 in Hornets

As least that was made apparent after two straight losses that left me scratching my head. How can the Hornets lose back to back against teams like the Atlanta Hawks and the Charlotte Bobcats. Well, when these teams play inexplicably good against you and you play like shit, it makes it a heck of a lot easier for that to happen. The two losses put the Bees at 3-2. Putrid considering the preseason hype. The NBA should start searching for performance declining drugs, like “kool aid” or something. Chris Paul can’t even lift the team to a victory when David West plays like that, or when you have somebody like Mike James at the point guard position. As I try to be the only fan to not sound redundant by continuing to force feed my demand for competence down people’s throat and trying to predict outcomes of games beforehand based on past results, New Orleans teams have played oppositely from whatever their expectations were for too long, even for me. It has forced me to sound like the dummy that reports “The [Hornets/Saints] find themselves in a slump” like it hasn’t happened the past 769 years. I resent that. But if I continue to report what happens, I guess I have no choice, unless I lie, or discontinue my blog, neither of which I want to do. But rest assured, anytime I report anything, there will always be the connection to New Orleans sports history and how the result ties, or doesn’t tie into it. I won’t say, “The Saints are in a slump”, I’ll say, “The Saints are in a slump for the umpteenth time in a row.” I won’t say, “The Hornets have failed to meet expectations”, I’ll say, “The Hornets have now become the umpteenth New Orleans team to always play the way people don’t expect them to.”

A sports history with no hardware in the closet calls for superlatives, and it seems I’m hoggin’ them all, cause none of the other knuckleheads that lack peripheral sports vision know what the hell is actually going on when this kind of mess happens every year.

People, get your head out of your asses. As long as they drink the Kool Aid, their going to “Kool” off.

And yes, when your abbreviation is “NO”, you ALWAYS drink the Kool Aid.


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