Good News and Saints News

Posted: November 5, 2008 in Saints

Actually, part of the good news also comes from Saints land. That news is that Hollis Thomas, taken off the IR list for his sustained injury in the preseason after settlements were reached, has been resigned by the team off of the free agent list. The bad news is actually the reason the Saints had to do it now. Charles Grant is now out for the season. He’ll have to exit Big Daddy’s Rockin’ Coaster before it gets back to the station. Hey Charles, better hang around until next week when we hit a low, so you can jump off easily. Otherwise, you may end up with even more injuries and you may never get to ride this coaster ever again. But maybe that’s what you want. I won’t question your ingenious judgement. After all, you were smart enough to realize this defense could be as good as the dome patrol and that this team could go 12-4. When someone has the intelligence to say that, I can’t see how anyone would question their judgement on anything, especially him after he beasted at a Georgia nightclub; good move C. Grant, good move.

Your subtle productive play of no sacks will be missed on the line, cause frankly I can’t live without you recking havoc on an O-lineman while the other team is gaining 70 yards on a pass play with no pass rush, it’s just not the same.

Hollis Thomas is in now which takes some of the pain out of knowing that our potential sack machine is leaving. Yes, it’s still dissapointing, because instead of having no sacks and potential at the line, we now will have no sacks and no potential at the line. The reason this is good is because while C. Grant made our D-line appear like it was good, Hollis can do the same. He wears #99. Any D-line with a #99 is scary good, so at least our D-line will still look good.

I say Hollis is a reasonable replacement for Grant. They both do the same thing.

I think it goes without saying, the Falcons game is a must win, why am I not surprised?

PS: The letters M-U-S-T-W-I-N are all at the point where you can barely read them from blogging on the Saints for over a year now.


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